Cloisonné Enamel

Cloisonné is an enameling technique in which the outline of the dial design is produced either on the dial itself, or on paper. Extremely fine strips of gold wire measuring only 0.07 mm wide (no larger than a human hair) are hand bent and applied to the outline using two pliers. The individual cells that give the image detail, dimension and nuance are also formed by gold wire and placed within the outline. Colors are then picked out for each cell in order to create the cloister effect. Five layers of enamel are applied to the cloisonné dial. This meant that a cloisonné dial has all colored cells filled in and baked (800-1200 degrees Celsius) in the kiln for a total of five times before it is ready to be polished. These multiple levels of color create the sense of depth and three dimensions that make the enamel dials come to life.

Cloisonné 1 Cloisonné 2 Cloisonné 3